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My Karate

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am going to talk to you about Karate. Karate is at Swallows Leisure Centre, on Tuesday and Thursday. Karate has helped a lot of people learn self defence.

Self defence is important because it could save your life or maybe someone else's life.  Say some stranger came up to you and bullied you or grabbed you and wouldn't let go.   You would use self defence.

So come to Karate now and learn Self Defence and keep fit.  Anyone could do it.   I love doing Karate.

Thank you for reading this brilliant poster.

Yours sincerely,


Class Times

Tuesday - Swallows Leisure Centre
5:15-5:45pm Little Samurai
5:45-6:30pm Family Class
6:30-7:15pm Inter/Adv Class
7:15-8:00pm Adult Class

Thursday - Kemsley Primary Academy
5:00-5:30pm Little Samurai
5:30-6:15pm Family Class
7:00-7:45pm Adult Class

Saturday - Rodmersham Village Hall
10:00-10:30am Little Samurai
10:30-11:15am Family Class
11:15-11:45am Inter/Adv Class

Chief Instructor

Sittingbourne Martial Arts is a member of KSKC International and is overseen by Chief Instructor Sensei Glen Wright, 7th Dan black belt, who has been teaching Karate in Kent since 1974.

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